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Mythbusting Solar Energy

Solar is not exactly new technology but there are many misconceptions about Solar that we’re here to clear up! 


Common Myths About Solar


My panels will only work when the suns out!

A common misconception but one we are pleased to say is false. Even on those overcast days, thanks to UV sunlight your panels will still absorb some energy from the sun. 


Once Solar is installed I’ll be off the grid!

Yes and no, it will entirely depend on your energy usage and whether or not you have a battery installed to store any harvested energy. There may be some months where you require a bit of extra electricity, in which case your home will use Solar first before then tapping into the Grid which you’ll have to pay for (although it’ll likely be the lowest power bill you’ve had yet!)


Solar energy is too expensive and I won’t get a return on my investment. 

Solar has never been more affordable but we do provide solutions for different budgets. Yes, the set-up is going to cost you but the long term gain is well worth it. Providing you plan on staying in your home for years to come but if not, then the Solar will add value to your home! 


Solar panels don’t work in harsh conditions and cold weather.

As long as your panels can see the sunlight – you’re good to go! Temperatures (even snow) won’t affect the ability for you to harvest energy from the sun.


Solar panels are high maintenance!

While they look precious, we can assure you they’re built tough to withstand harsh weather and years of use. They may require a hose down every now and then to clear dust and debris but using our technology, we can individually monitor the panel’s performance and should any issues arise, our 20 year warranty is there to protect you.


If there’s a power cut I won’t be affected

If the grid goes down, your system will stop working so workers can safely work on the powerlines without the concern of electricity feeding through from your home. However, if you have a battery installed then your home will continue to use the stored energy to power essential items such as your fridge and lighting. 


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