With banks offering extremely low interest on Solar Systems, going solar has never made more sense. Lock in your energy prices today! Contact us here or call 0800 000 121.

Solar Smart Home


Having Solar installed at your property saves you $$. In almost all cases your investment in Solar will pay itself off and result in an above market return on your investment. It doesn’t end there however….

Obviously solar energy is generated during the day and by utilising smart technology, we can help move your household energy consumption into times when solar is being generated.

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Zappi By MyEnergi

Zappi is the worlds most advanced EV charger for those with solar. It allows your excess energy to be diverted to your car. No longer sell cheap power to the grid! Turn it into kms on the road.

Eddi By MyEnergi

Smart energy

Sensibo - Air Pro

Sensibo Smart Air Pro is the smart way to control your heatpumps at home. Schedule it to run when and how you want. During the day when the sun is shining and your home is closed and hot, Sensibo will turn on your air conditioning and cool the home for your arrival, using free solar energy.

The Air Pro will also monitoring your home air quality and alarm you to high levels of unwanted pollutants. If you have the Sensibo Pure, this will activate, cleaning up your home air.