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solar panels wellington nz 2022

Do You Need An Inverter For Solar Panels?

The large panels mounted on the roof come to mind when people think about solar electricity. However, the massive panels are not the only thing you will have to convert ...

solar panels nz setup

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Learn how solar power systems work in NZ Ever wonder how solar panels are able to convert the sun’s UV rays into electricity? Read on to find out more about ...

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solar install auckland nz

The 8 Benefits of Solar and Why You Should Invest

It’s no secret that Solar Installations are somewhat of an investment, but we emphasise the word investment because the long term benefit will ensure the initial cost is well and ...

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solar panels wellington nz

Mythbusting Solar Energy

Solar is not exactly new technology but there are many misconceptions about Solar that we’re here to clear up!    Common Myths About Solar   My panels will only work ...

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