Solar Edge Systems

High end systems without the high end cost. Solar Edge systems will nearly always result in a better return on your investment. Harvest more energy and get longer warranties.

Solar Edge was established in 2006 bringing a market disrupting system to home owners and businesses. They are now the worlds largest inverter company in terms of revenue and are bringing more and more innovative products to market that are unparalleled.

With long 20-25 year warranties, panel level monitoring and safe low DC voltages, Solar Edge is becoming more and more recognised as the number 1 choice in solar.

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Solar Edge Warranties

When you purchase a ‘Solar Edge’ system you don’t just get a solar system. You get a guaranteed high level system that you can bank on! Returns on your investment are protected by long serving warranties and easier ongoing maintenance costs.

Solar Edge Inverters

Solar Edge has single phase and three phase inverters. This means that systems of all sizes are possible using the solar edge technology.