With banks offering extremely low interest on Solar Systems, going solar has never made more sense. Lock in your energy prices today! Contact us here or call 0800 000 121.

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Why Solarworx?

At Solarworx we approach solar differently. We don’t want to sell you the biggest and most expensive system. We’re about growing our business slowly through exceptional feedback as our customers understand that a well designed solar system works for your investment and for the environment. A well designed solar system hits the sweet spot with your power bill vs outlay. We aim to maximise payback over your budget.

We currently operate in Wellington and Auckland.

Photo of Alex Ruth

Alex Ruth

Alex is the original founder, owner and technical of the business. He operates out of the Kapiti Coast and is the agent for the greater Wellington region. Like Richard, Alex has a background in aviation and spends his time between flying internationally and working with Solarworx.

Photo of Richard Burney

Richard Burney

Richard runs the Auckland office. Bringing to the table marketing, branding and know-how, Richard is also owner of Solarworx. Like Alex, Richard has a background in Aviation and understands self sufficient electrical systems. He will be your point of contact within the Auckland area and is happy to guide you through living with solar.


We chose Solarworx for a few reasons. 1. The SolarEdge technology was more modern than the other companies showed us and this could be viewed online and explained thoroughly. 2. Richard/Alex and the team did not try to ‘upsell’. They described what would be the one optimum system and why. Other companies gave us options from entry, middle and super expensive (but with older technology). There was no pushy sales tactics or bagging other companies. They were very professional, confident in their product and service and this shone through. We would recommend SolarWorx and the team if you are installing solar but we would also recommend solar power generally. Its changed how we think about using electricity and are mindful about our consumption. We no longer just use appliances or keep everything on all of the time, we spread out the load so as not to pull from the grid and use our free solar energy. We use timers (built into the system in the case of hot water, pool filters) to ensure that we only use electricity during the day when we can. Our electricity bill is only a fraction of what it was and well within the warranty periods the savings will have paid for the system and thereafter (at least 10 years after) the electricity will be free.
— Toni Salt