With banks offering extremely low interest on Solar Systems, going solar has never made more sense. Lock in your energy prices today! Contact us here or call 0800 000 121.

Solar Panels Wellington

Generate your own electricity at home. It’s good for your wallet and good for the environment.

We prioritise your power needs. At Solarworx we look at your average power usage, the space you have available for solar and find the sweet spot to maximise your investment. We don’t just want to sell you the biggest and most expensive system as this does nothing for your payback time, and nothing for the environment.

Home solar is now truly affordable and really makes sense. Decrease your bills, your footprint and increase the value of your home. Go solar today and start saving.

Priced from $4,499

Proudly listed as one of Top Review NZ’s “Best Solar Panels in Wellington

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Standard Grid Tie

Affordable systems that really come into fruition with daytime power needs.

Standard grid-tie systems are the basic solar system for the home. They comprise of solar panels, a string inverter or micro-inverter. Essentially the panels produce DC voltage. This is sent to the string inverter or micro-inverter and is converted into 230v AC power we use in our households. The priority is feeding the house first and then any excess power is sold back to the grid.

These systems are ideal, and hit the 'sweet spot' for those who are at home or have people at home during the day to consume the generated power. We are seeing these systems become more and more popular now that working from home is becoming more common. Low cost and fast payback is making these systems a good option for many households today.

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Hybrid Solar Edge System

High end, performance base system that will allow for maximising your solar and distributing power to the house including EV's

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Battery Systems

Decrease your payback time and use excess energy at night with batteries.

Batteries allow for excess power generated during the day to be stored in batteries rather than being sent back to the grid. This nullifies the poor buyback rates as you aim to consume the excess energy. As batteries now come with 10 year warranties and last in many cases for 20 years, battery systems payback is fast for all energy users and results in huge savings after 10 years. The ROI for battery systems is great and the options from AC based battery systems and Hybrid DC systems are now coming onto the market. Contact us today to see what your budget can get!

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