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Why go solar

Why go solar

One of the most obvious advantages of solar panels is their potential to offset electricity expenses. Solar energy will shield you from rising energy costs. If you switch to solar energy now, you will be protected from future price fluctuations in electricity.

What are the benefits of solar energy?

There are many compelling reasons to use solar energy in New Zealand including:

Save on the electricity bills

Electricity has been extremely expensive to most people. Despite being a business person, or homeowner, you will feel the cost of electricity on your daily expenditure. Fortunately, the use of solar powered systems gives you the advantage of generating solar energy for free for an extended period. Although solar energy might not provide you with the exact quantity of energy you want, it will save you a lot of cash.

Earn good ROI

Solar panels are less expensive in the market. With its installation, you will find it less costly because it serves as an investment for the future. If you compare investing in solar energy and buying some bonds, you will realise that putting your money in solar energy is more beneficial. To the resident of New Zealand, you will have an ROI of over 11 percent, and a single solar system installation might serve you for up to 10 years hence saving you a lot of electricity cost within that period.

Protection purposes

The most distinguished advantage that comes with solar panels is the ability to safeguard against power costs. In recent times, the electricity bill has been rising at an average of 3 percent every year. Anyone who considers using solar-driven systems will learn the adage to solve all the electricity problems and secure themselves against uncertain fluctuations in electricity cost. If your business has a very unpredictable flow of cash, going for solar energy is a better option for you to help in managing your cash flows well.

Improving the value of your property

In a recent study, it has been revealed that any property with solar energy installation has a better asset value than properties without solar energy installation. Therefore, any property with solar panels well installed will have the opportunity to sell faster and at a high return. Currently, all the appraisers are putting key consideration to the solar energy installation when valuing a house at the instant of sale. Due to the availability of comprehensive knowledge about solar energy, any individual interested in purchasing a home will demand solar-powered houses.

Enhance energy independence in New Zealand

If New Zealand develops awareness and builds capacity in solar energy production, it will end up shielded from any fluctuations in global energy prices. This is because the sun being the source of solar energy, is all available. Therefore solar energy can be one of the major factors that give New Zealand independence in energy.

Solar energy protects the environment

Research shows that the use of solar-powered systems reduces carbon emissions by three to four tons every year. This is compared to having 100 trees being planted annually. The benefits we acquire from solar energy as far as environmental protection is concerned are limitless.

Solar energy also offers protection against the greenhouse effects. This is because the solar energy being produced is free from emission. The choice for solar energy use ensures a more significant percentage reduction in the need for electricity. Therefore, your production of solar energy will result in less carbon emission in the production process. At no point can anyone disqualify the significance attributed to solar energy in the protection of our environment.

Shows your loyalty and commitment

The use of solar energy in your business displays more of your loyalty and commitment to upholding social responsibilities. This is deemed as a custom that needs to be factored in every institution. Considerably, society is keen to appreciate these institutions. Therefore, this small act might boost your customer purchasing ability to a great extent and even form a basis for attracting more clients.

Motivation to the staff

The staff also shows a form of appreciation to the employer who shows a form of responsibility towards the environment. Any organisation that pulls its way in solar energy with the community’s interest tends to experience staff that are well motivated to work hence increasing the companies return.

Build capacity to compete in the market

Solar energy’s social and economic benefits are becoming increasingly apparent to businesses. As early solar power users gain a competitive advantage, more businesses are looking into solar power to stay competitive.

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